Listening/speaking prediction & post-listening/speaking

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Listening/speaking prediction & post-listening/speaking

Unread postby Hubert » 26 Mar 2007, 13:02

Dear Lucy,

Do you know of any resources that I could use that would help me to design listening/speaking prediction tasks plus during and post-listening/ speaking tasks for native speakers of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Polish who are learning English?


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Listening/speaking prediction & post-listening/speaking

Unread postby Lucy » 02 Apr 2007, 19:25

Dear Hubert,

Penny Ur's Teaching Listening Comprehension and Underwood's Teaching Listening are excellent resources. These books are fairly old now (1980's) but they remain classics in the field. They are not aimed specifically at the learners you mention. However,I think you'll be able to use the activities.

Good luck,


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