Can you help me with interview questions?

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Can you help me with interview questions?

Unread postby mjhughes » 19 Mar 2007, 18:42

I have an interview on Wednesday for a 4 week CELTA course. In it I am expected to complete an English Langauge skills test. I am just wondering what sort of things this could include and what sort of level I should be cramming at?!

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can you help me with interview questions?

Unread postby Lucy » 20 Mar 2007, 20:51

Dear MjHughes,

As I'm sure you already know, entrance tests vary from one organisation to another. It’s impossible to guess what will be tested. However, here are some ideas of what might be covered: grammar, spelling, ability to express yourself clearly in writing and when speaking.

Good luck with your interview.


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