How do I write concept check questions?

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How do I write concept check questions?

Unread postby roxanaa » 04 Feb 2007, 02:56

Hi everyone,
Can anyone give me a helping hand with some concept check questionson:
By 4:oohe will have been working for 6 hours.

If it rains I"ll stay home.

G is taller than P.
I m waiting forward for your answers and thank you very much.

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How do I write concept check questions?

Unread postby Lucy » 06 Feb 2007, 20:43

Dear Roxanaa,

Here are my suggestions for concept check questions to use:

If it rains I’ll stay home.

Is there a possibility it will rain? Yes
Are we sure it’ll rain? No
In the event of it raining, will the person go out? No
What will (s)he do? Stay at home

G is taller than P

Are G and P the same height? No
Is P the taller of the two / tallest? no
Who is the taller (tallest)? G

In the above, taller is more grammatically correct. However, English usage is changing and many people use superlatives where 2 people or objects are being compared. By using tallest, you will avoid having the same language in your concept check questions as you have in the original sentence.

By 4:00 he will have been working for 6 hours.

What will he be doing at 4? Working
When did / will he start working? 10.00
Is the work / will the work be interrupted? No

In the last 2 questions, choose the tense according to the time it is when you are asking the questions.

Good luck,


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