Where can I find texts for teaching Aussie slang?

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Where can I find texts for teaching Aussie slang?

Unread postby fenderbender » 22 Jan 2007, 17:53

Hey teachers,

maybe I'm wrong in this forum because I'm a student and not a teacher. But I have to prepare a presentation and "act" a teacher. You should know I am from Germany and my mother tongue is unfortunately German and not English. I'm sure you've already noticed that in my writings.
Thererfore I need your help.
The topic of the presentation should be "Australian Slang". So, I'm searching for a text, e.g a short story, containing a lot of Aussi-slang. The best would be a conversation.
The Problem is, I don't know how to google for that because I dont know all the words. I can just search for "australian slang" but the answeres are not that good.

Please apolgize for my poor English. I hope you'll understand.

Thank you
Best regards

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Aussie slang

Unread postby Lucy » 23 Jan 2007, 19:13

Dear Fenderbender,

You're absolutely right, this site is usually reserved for teachers. As you are about to teach your fellow students, I'll answer your question here.

You could take a look at the following websites:




Good luck,


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