Can you recommend any websites for verb tenses exercises?

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Can you recommend any websites for verb tenses exercises?

Unread postby yalidae » 11 Dec 2006, 16:25

Dear Lucy,

Do you have any website recommendations for verb tenses exercises, such as simple present, simple past, and other tenses? I'm a new ESL teacher and now my target is to make a worksheet that contains questions about simple present, simple past, present continuous and past continuous. Because we don't have any textbooks, I need to make the questions by myself or search over the internet. But because the deadline is not too far away from now, I'm so sad that I have to search the questions over the internet. I ought to make 30 questions and I have found one good website ( There are lots of websites as well, but most of them give links or ads instead of "real" exercises. Also most of the questions provided by the websites are way to easy for junior high school students here in my school.

This is my first time being an ESL teacher in my country and also my first "huge task". Can you please help me to find a couple of good websites which provide good exercises (intermediate preferably) about tenses?

Thanks in advance,
Tommy Yalidae

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Can you recommend any websites for verb tenses exercises?

Unread postby Lucy » 13 Dec 2006, 18:19

Dear Tommy,

It seems you’ve got quite a big task here! You could try the following websites:

you could also look at

Before copying or using worksheets from these sites, you should check the copyright laws which should be available on the sites.

You can also go to the following link: ... generator/

Here you’ll find a programme that will help you create your worksheets.

If you’d like any more help or ideas, please write in again.


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