Can you advise me on grammar books for teachers?

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Can you advise me on grammar books for teachers?

Unread postby Jimpad » 28 Nov 2006, 18:07

l need a book to help me with my Grammar, and one that will help me understand Nouns/Abstract Nouns,verbs so on,l have tried Michael Swans, practical English usage (long winded and hard to understand)and Raymond Murphys Essential Grammar in Use(to light weight)
Any ideas?

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Grammar Books for the Teacher

Unread postby Lucy » 03 Dec 2006, 18:38

Dear Jimpad,

I think Essential Grammar in Use is far too simple for you as a teacher of English. You could try Advanced Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy.

You could also look at "Discover English" by Bolitho and Tomlinson. This is a novel approach to grammar for teachers. As the title suggests, you do exercises to discover the rules of the language.

You could also look at "How English Works" by Swan and Walters which is aimed at higher level students.

I hope this will be of help.


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