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Medications query

Posted: 22 Oct 2019, 10:56
by MSD
Hi all

I am considering becoming a TEFL teacher (to escape Brexit Britain). I am 49 years old and take 4 medications which I get through the NHS. (They are for ongoing condition management rather than vital-to-survive).

What is the situation if I were to get a job overseas as far as getting my tablets> Would I still be able to get them on the NHS or would I need to source them locally and pay whatever the going rate is? I am thinking of Japan, Taiwan or maybe Spain to start off.

Any advice / experience appreciated.

Re: Medications query

Posted: 23 Oct 2019, 17:27
by Claireyvonne

In Spain, you would be given a work contract when you get a job and could then get your spanish medical card with which to go to the doctors and get a prescription, no problem.