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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by John V55 » 29 Sep 2017, 09:07

'With that I’ve had my say and realise that the more I post about this, the more it gives you lot an opportunity to include further spam links.' ... culumVitae

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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by Murphy » 30 Sep 2017, 00:29

I guess you and I just disagree on how we support our arguments. Whenever I disagreed with you and posted a link to comments of other people that have comments on the same issue - you call it spam. I call it evidence of peer agreement. I think anyone interested in working in China should make themselves as knowledgeable as possible BEFORE they start shooting off resumes. I leave you with the good advice of others who have nothing to sell you...

Teaching in China can and usually is a great and fun adventure if you can side-step all the scams that target foreigners especially expat teachers. You will not get rich working in China but it is a memorable experience I recommend for everyone who is genuinely qualified to teach. is a safe and secure place to shop for a job but always be aware that recruiters will take a big chunk of your pay and it is easy to find your own job within 10 days as explained at the r/ChinaTEFL sub on reddit and elsewhere. Welcome to China!

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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by tortillas » 29 Sep 2018, 07:26

@John Sir, respectfully, I wish you would cut out that 'go back to your own country' nationalistic crap. As for me, the world is my country, and you can throw me in jail or deport me, but you will not change the fact that this is the fact for me. Only a slave mentality concedes being owned by a nation.
Regarding China, I suppose if someone likes working long hours teaching TEFL you can earn the higher salaries, but realistically, the high-paying AND good quality jobs are in international schools where you will probably be paid in another currency. These schools will require an M.A. at least, and their administrations and work environment will be Western in structure. Beyond that, it's very much hit and miss (more often miss) in private schools in China.
I've worked in public junior colleges and non-descript universities during my time in China, and aside from my current situation, have found these jobs to be quite rewarding. I study a lot and I'm working on a dissertation, and I need the free time to accomplish my goals. Many jobs in China can give you those perks! I'm also putting my daughter through university (in China as well), but if I weren't I could easily save 40k RMB a year, up to 60k if I were extra careful. 'Home country' or not, that it hard to do in any economy. Teachers seem to be paid poorly the world over, which says a lot about human values. Of course, I'm not working just to save money- I'm working for the invaluable free time I require to develop myself. I'd make do with fewer savings if I got the same amount of time. Money will (presumably) always be around, but the minutes of your life is absolutely limited.

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Re: Realistic Chinese TEFL Salaries

Unread post by storeshe » 08 Oct 2018, 03:39

Murphy wrote:
29 Sep 2017, 06:54
Great - we finally agree that recruiters take waaaaay too much for what they do. Your explanation is right on the money John and I am glad you took the time to explain it. In every other country, the recruiter just takes one month's salary. They tell you the same thing in China but that is BS. It is just as John explained - they take a slice every month and in many cases it can be as much as 50% if you are earning less than 10,000 a month. As for the real salaries offered by schools, before any skimming takes place, see here ... _esl_tefl/ and remember you always make more money in Tier 1 cities than in the countryside.
Thanks for the link.

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