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Unread postby Leigh » 18 Jul 2006, 17:39

im fed up with the same old boring lifestyle of 9-5 work so ive decided to save up and leave uk shores behind come december.considering a tefl placement in china,but i also want to do some travel and volunteer conservation work in thailand,africa or malaysia then finish off in australia/new-zealand.any body done this or considering something similar i could use some tips on anything..im travelling alone so any help would be super..cheerz

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Unread postby ruth1966 » 19 Jul 2006, 03:38

Hi Leigh,
You may be able to take on a winter camp in China to get you started. More and more these days there is a requirement for a university education, but I think that China is still possible in your circumstances. Please look into getting at least a TEFL certificate though, especially if you have no teaching experience.It will give you the basic tools you need and make you more attractive to potential employers.I hope that's at least a lttle helpful. I've worked in Thailand and South Korea.A majority of the jobs that you'll see in Thailand will require a minimum of a bachelors degree. All jobs in South Korea do. This link may help you for all Tefl related questions: http://tefldaddy.com/
Good luck !

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Unread postby Alia » 24 Jul 2006, 21:16

i strongly encourage you to take TEFl course before teaching. From my experience, i suffered much because when i began to teach, i didnt have any experience in teaching. i spent a year to learn how to teach not to practise teaching. i didnt have a background on how to teach the four English skills. Nowaday, i reaaly wnvy those who get TEFL course because the start teaching with a good background.

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