Help teaching Medical Sciences...

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Help teaching Medical Sciences...

Unread postby cmcole » 04 May 2006, 06:41

Good day.

I have been assigned to teach English to Cardio/Thorasic and Medical Sciences students in the next semester, but our university doesn't have any English materials for the medical field. Plus I am a computer engineer whose background is obviously NOT in the medical field.

My search for materials has been all over Phitsanulok and Chiangmai without success. I have not had time, nor do I suspect I will, to travel down to Bangkok in search of books.

So my thoughts are to seek assistance from the plethora of knowledge which resides in this great forum. :)

What suggestions and/or advice do you have on where I can obtain teaching materials here in Thailand based upon English in the Medical field? Also what suggestions and/or advice can you offer me for teaching this subject?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Unread postby Glenski » 26 May 2006, 13:41

This is a late reply but better late than never.

Exactly what "English" are you supposed to teach these medical professionals?

Medical diagnoses?
Writing research papers?
Making presentations?

Sorry to bombard you with questions instead of answers, but clarification is needed before I can offer any advice.

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