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prospective teacher

Unread postby evezee » 17 Apr 2014, 10:49

Ok so i'm looking into doing a TEFL course but I have a problem. I have a lithuanian passport and most places want people will passports from one of the 7 main English speaking countries. However, I've lived in the UK all my life (since I was 4) and i've also lived in Australia for 2 years. My English is perfect (obviously) and I am just about to finish my degree in Law. Any advice for which countries to go for which are going to let me in haha? :roll:

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Re: prospective teacher

Unread postby teachnlearn » 28 Apr 2014, 07:27

If you have lived in the UK and Australia, you will be able to show them your visas so it shouldn't really be a problem about whether you are a native English speaker or not. However, the nations that don't really care where you're from are - India, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam. I think a lot of the Latin American nations also take in teachers but they pay isn't as good. Hope this helps!

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