Is this a realistic plan for teaching abroad? Need advice

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Is this a realistic plan for teaching abroad? Need advice

Unread postby lmhtommy » 23 Aug 2013, 18:12

First of all, and am sure you'll quickly tell that my grammar is severally lacking...I have not been In school well over 10 years. So you might ask, why would you want to teach English?

well I had a chance to teach a few months when I was traveling/living in Mexico, and I loved it...I had no idea what i was doing, but it was a pretty simple gig, mainly doing conversational work.

Well here I am ready to travel again, but this time am going to get proper training, and while I know the CELTA is the best one, and getting it randomly online would be the looking at a few in house locations, while I know the standard is 4 weeks 120ish hours.

I Know I could not handle a CELTA right now.

I did manage to find Teachers Latin America that offers a 2 week in house course, that seems perfect for the investment I would like to put in as starting out...

last question: Between this two week course and lets say a year of teaching experience , how hard would It be to find a teaching job later on in lets say, China or Thailand ? I would accept entry level jobs.


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