Countable/uncountable nouns

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Countable/uncountable nouns

Unread post by allalone » 16 Aug 2013, 17:50

Hi guys

I'm planning a topic on countable/uncountable nouns for next week. I'm just wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to elicit the target language in a snappy/quick way at the start of the class?

I'm thinking of visuals (pics), but has anyone found anything else more useful?

Thanks in advance!

Alex Case
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Re: Countable/uncountable nouns

Unread post by Alex Case » 16 Aug 2013, 21:06

I get them to make the pictures of "some cake/ some cakes" etc themselves with this worksheet: ... -speaking/

although you could use picture flashcards of the same things as are the first page of the worksheet in the way you suggest instead.

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