Travel Vocabulary Production/Free Practice

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Travel Vocabulary Production/Free Practice

Unread postby Kensai » 20 May 2013, 14:04

Hi I'm new here so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place.

I'm creating a lesson teaching travel vocabulary (fly, visit, station, ticket, airport, passenger etc.) and just need to think of a production activity. I had the idea of using some role play based around a visit to the travel agent (one student being the travel agent and the other being a potential holidaymaker) but I'm struggling to flesh it out.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


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Re: Travel Vocabulary Production/Free Practice

Unread postby Abram » 02 Oct 2014, 12:38

That's cool i must say this should surely be discussed because the thing is when its about finding out new ways it can really be helpful with many factors so yeah it should be talked about like you have said.
For my Traveling i have always used, and i must appreciate them for all their effort for their passengers.

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