HELP! Open class 100 students + Parents

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HELP! Open class 100 students + Parents

Unread postby muyang » 01 Apr 2013, 15:03

Hello Fellow Teachers,

Need some help here for this one! Anyone, please post any ideas you have. I am a fairly new ESL teacher in China. There is a company I ´m working for. The boss is someone my wife knows quite well, so the relationship is quite good. Anyway he has opened an ESL training center here and has scheduled an open class where parents and children that I have never met before will come and listen to me teach. The objective is to make them satisfied enough to register with this training center.
So I have got the task to do this open class. There will be 100 students of varying levels from Grade 1 - 6 and my task is to make them talk. Parents will be there watching but not participating. The DURATION is 45 minuets. Obviously I will choose some students maybe 10 to do some kind of task where they need to speak. The topic will have to be fairly easy because there are grade 1 ESL students there as well.

Please post your ideas in regards to what kind of topic I could choose for this occasion. Ive NEVER met. This is an open class for the public to come and see to see whether they want to register with this company.

Thanks guys

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Re: HELP! Open class 100 students + Parents

Unread postby sofiahl » 08 Apr 2013, 22:12

Create tabs with different themes that can be of interest to the various ages of children. Or make cards where children can write ideas or topics they want to learn about them.
Place the cards in a box, and select, randomly one card. Then asked all the children, who knows anything about this subject, come to the front of the class to tell everyone.
hope this helps
good luck

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Re: HELP! Open class 100 students + Parents

Unread postby rachelb » 09 Apr 2013, 00:05


You could do a big pronunciation lesson with an introduction to English phonemes, to get everyone , of any and all levels, involved and producing sounds. Check out Adrian Underhill's demo here for inspiration: He makes it look so easy!

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Re: HELP! Open class 100 students + Parents

Unread postby rutherford » 25 Aug 2013, 17:26

Before the open class gets started, it will help if you could sample the opinions of some students that you are sure would be present. This way you have a feel of what is running through their minds

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