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Private Adult Teaching Help

Unread postby TooMuchBia » 05 Mar 2013, 10:07


Ok, I have been asked to teach my boss at work on a 1 on 1 basis for 2 hours every day Monday - Saturday. I don't have any specific training other than the fact that I am an English speaker and, according to people here, that is enough to teach someone.

Basically I only need to do this for 3 weeks however I am struggling to fill the two hours. For a start I can't really do the whole - what have you been up to? etc... - as we see each other and speak throughout the day. I would say that he is an intermediate level speaker. His reading especially is good with just a few mispronunciations here and there. Although vocabulary is probably more at a beginner level.

So far I have been getting him to do pronunciation such as 'ch', 'ph' etc... going over these with him and then having him fill out a couple of worksheets. Also, I ask him to perform a short talk on something that interests him or on a relevant issue - for example, I got him to speak for a couple of minutes on his previous job and also what he thinks of the death penalty (as he is trained as a lawyer). However, doing this each and every day is probably going to get boring, no?

I really just need something structured with some clear goals for each lesson in mind. I know there is a lot on the internet but there is just so much.

Any help would be appreciated.

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