Using art therapy for TEFL....?

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Using art therapy for TEFL....?

Unread postby jesusalvador » 23 Feb 2006, 02:24

hi everyone... I need some opinions; teachers please!!! what do u think art therapy is? do u know an exact definition? now... We have been investigating... how art therapy works. Do you agree using art for TEFL?, if you do... how would you use art? anything particular? PAINTINGS, MUSIC (As in Suggestopedia), DANCE (As in TPR). Any specific level? can we adapt something. Please!!! Some ideas? I want to do brain storming...
Help us. We are doing a new research project. but I know your ideas will be helpful please if you can give your name or E-mail adress or messenger for further contact I'll be pleased to talk with you... knowledge is power and teachers working together can make work easier and a big difference. Thank for ur attention. Later! :idea:

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Unread postby valmolson » 26 Mar 2006, 04:58

I found this forum while doing some research on teaching english abroad, and was extremely surprised to see a post on using Art Therapy to teach english.
I will actually be graduating next year with my BA in Art Therapy. I'm not sure I can offer an specific ideas for you situation since I've never had to use art therapy specifically to teach a language (nor have I ever had to teach a language). Generally art therapy is viewed as an alternative theraputic method to spoken therapies. But art therapy is also extremely adaptive to the situation you are using it in.

I strongly encourage you to continue in your effort to include art in your curriculum. I believe that art can enhance any classroom, and I am excited to hear about it reaching as far as TEFL. Keep researching and brainstorming for ideas- I am sure you will succeed.

Good luck,

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