What do you think about this?

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What do you think about this?

Unread postby Fromashtree » 08 Oct 2012, 14:18

I just moved to China and started a teaching job in Zhoushan at a really nice language school
I have been here 2-3 weeks and just starting working with the kids
there is a little boy named James who doesn't speak to anyone he's been at this school awhile and the first year he didn't say one word
in his regular school he don't talk either
his mother says he is learning English though because he sometimes says things to her
well the owners husband was teaching this class and he wanted me to do a review with them
so he told me to show them cards and they say what each is
I noticed in other classes he would hand the cards to kids who said it right first
so I said the item and the kids repeated I looked at James and said the item and he of course didnt say anything I smiled anyway and handed him the card cause I could tell he was paying attention to me
well after that I asked each child 'how old are you' and they respond 'I am _ years old'
I got to James and asked him he of course didn't say anything and I turned to the other teaching asking James' age he told me 5 so I looked at James and said 'I am 5 years old' well I was about to head to the next child when James whispered ‘ I am 5 years old' well me and the two other teachers were shocked me spoke to me it being my first day working with the kids
well after the whole thing the teacher was joking saying
'I cant believe he spoke he's so stupid'
I got angry and told Jones (the owners husband) that James is NOT stupid and I noticed he pays attention to everything Jones says like hes letting it sink it but he just don't say it the only english James as told them was 'hello or goodbye'
It makes me so angry the way he would think I child is stupid because they don't talk
also im worried about Jones' teaching style for James and kids like him not everyone is active and wants to play in the classroom
I mean Jones' students are going to be split between me and him should I maybe mention splitting them by how they learn?
for example James and a few others dont react to playing around etc like Jones teaches
Don't get me wrong a lot of the kids love him and hes a good teacher (other than insulting James calling him stupid) and the kids learn but I feel some will respond the lesson better being taught other ways maybe calmer but still let them have fun and enjoy it
what do you think? should I mention it also is it wrong for me to be so angry about the whole James thing? I mean I feel this boy is really smart

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Re: What do you think about this?

Unread postby agustjandra » 15 Nov 2012, 18:32

wow! so long a story ...

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