Error Correction for Pervasive/Ingrained Learner Errors

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Error Correction for Pervasive/Ingrained Learner Errors

Unread postby Meiling » 17 Sep 2012, 12:05

Hi all,

do you have any resources on how to correct learner errors? To be more specific, I teach a group of foreign learners from mainland China. Before they came to me, they had already been studying English in China for a number of years. However, they still have problems forming simple sentences.

For example, they often say things like "I was bought the bag" rather than "I bought the bag," and the errors seem to be very deeply ingrained. I've been trying, for several weeks, to get them to correct themselves. They can see their errors and correct it when I point them out, but then end up making the same mistake again later on.

Any tips?

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Re: Error Correction for Pervasive/Ingrained Learner Errors

Unread postby agustjandra » 15 Nov 2012, 18:27

hi, i encounter such a case, too. we, as teachers, should always be able to create our own simple ways to explain and make them enlightened.The ways differ from one teacher to another. what we need is patience.

Nice to know you.

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