Anyone heard of LEOS?

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Anyone heard of LEOS?

Unread postby RedXIX » 15 Aug 2012, 02:31

I have an offer for a position with a school (Learn English Online School) and have never heard of them. I have googled, and searched for any information on the school (where teachers teach classes online) but to no avail.

All I have to go on are the Skype conversations with (who I think is) one of the other teachers. I say this with unease because her spelling is... well "bad" as are her abilities to answer any questions I have.

Am I thinking too much in to this, should I set aside my scepticism and give it a go? Or has anyone here heard of this school, and if so could they share any info with me?

Below is a link to the website.


P.S. I hope I put this thread in the right place... I took a look, but could not find any questions like this so thought it would be best suited here.

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