Recommended Teaching Materials?

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Recommended Teaching Materials?

Unread postby darrenl » 10 Apr 2012, 14:49

To introduce myself, My name is Darren (if you couldnt tell!) and I live in Austria.

I am currently working my way through an online TEFL course. I will be teaching privately, mostly 1-on-1, occassionally 2-on-1 which is why I have gone down the online route. I have experience in teaching mixed ability students privately (Maths and Martial Arts), and now that I am living in Austria I am going to teach English privately as well!

To begin with I will be teaching family members/friends- all children under the age of 14. The course I am doing will give me the ability to teach at Business level, but that will not be for a while yet.

I have a few questions about teaching material which I hope will give me a few answers!

Could you recommend me some teaching material? Something which will give me a syllabus to follow? Maybe will include a CD rom which will give some audio direction too?

Is there anything specific I should buy or be aware of? Is there a "gold standard" of text?

Do you have any tips for me??!!

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Recommended Teaching Materials?

Unread postby Jadeuk » 17 Apr 2012, 08:47

Hi Darren,

if its ideas for lesson plans I bought 2 books that simply were full of lesson hand outs and all the instructions you need to make it work.

I found it helped for ideas and also saved me time having to do the planning myself, which i find the tedius at times.

here is were i got them from

Its good as they come in pdf as well so if you are travelling somewere you dont have to cart a tone of books with you either! Yet it doesnt have a CD rom so might not be what your looking for.

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Re: Recommended Teaching Materials?

Unread postby Rusmeister » 23 May 2012, 05:53

I have found Oxford's "Chatterbox"series to be the most useful for 7-13 year olds. I supplement it with Longman's "Round-Up" ( grammar) but I'm sticking to the older editions, as the newer ones appear to be going downhill. They now print instructions in the local language, which seems great at first, but create a serious crutch in failing to teach people to deal with instructions in English, which tend to be repetitive and fairly simple. They also eliminated the good old "revision exercises" and pre-test system. In trying to make it more "fun" they are teaching it less.

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