Newbie here looking for career advice...

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Newbie here looking for career advice...

Unread postby Sethster » 18 Nov 2011, 18:26

Hello all,

I have a BA in TEFL and Modern Languages, Trinity CertTesol and 6 years of teaching experience. I'm looking to progress in the EFL/ESOL world by doing a distance MA in TESOL/EFL. Nevertheless, I was wondering how important it is for potential employers that a holder of an MA in TESOL/EFL has undertaken some observed teaching practice in their studies.

I initially thought about doing the DELTA, yet I think Module 1 and maybe part of module 3 will have been covered in my BA degree already. However, the only practical/teaching part of my formation, which has been graded, was during the Trinity Cert Tesol.

Would I need further practical assessment of my teaching (like in Module 2 of the DELTA) if I were to do an MA? If so, does anyone know of a distance MA in TESOL/EFL (preferably in the UK) which does offer a practical assessment component?

Thanks for your help,


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