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School Reviews

Unread postby fenster » 13 Oct 2011, 10:25

Hi All,

First time poster so please be gentle :)

I'm changing schools (and country) and it's quite difficult finding independent info on the schools themselves. Is there a school review forum somewhere or is it all a little ad hoc and people just ask as and when they need info?

Any help appreciated. I've worked in the same school for too long now and want to know that the next one will be better. No idea how to find this out though.

Thanks for reading :) and maybe even replying :))


Alex Case
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Re: School Reviews

Unread postby Alex Case » 18 Oct 2011, 21:28

Might I suggest Google?

Or feel free to start a another thread here asking for information about the school by name. Alternatively, there might be a local forum which is more popular for such questions, e.g. Gaijinpot in Japan.

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