Saying hello. Soon to be certified ESL teacher here.

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Saying hello. Soon to be certified ESL teacher here.

Unread postby pomaski » 12 Sep 2011, 06:51

Hello everyone. My name is Kenny, and I am currently attending the Oxford Seminar's ESL program. Have two weekends of 10 hour courses left, and am very excited to enter this field of teaching and travel.

I've joined these forums because I am entirely new not only to ESL, but teaching as well. In short, I haven't been able to afford college beyond 2 years of my Community College, and so I do not have any formal training or practice with teaching.
But I am very enthusiastic about learning from teachers and practiced persons, and I do hope that I can hear from you all here about how you went about teaching initially, from building lesson plans, adapting yourself toward your student audience and skill levels, and just ESL teaching as a whole. Any experiences, stories, tips are all appreciated and welcomed, and I look forward to really embracing this field and becoming as expert and professional as possible.

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Re: Saying hello. Soon to be certified ESL teacher here.

Unread postby Alex Case » 14 Sep 2011, 22:08

Welcome to the boards Kenny.

If you'd like some answers, it's probably better to start another thread on one of those topics, e.g. one with the title "How can I adapt my classes/ speech towards the students' level?"

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