Non-native ESL Teacher in INDONESIA?Possible?HELP:(

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Non-native ESL Teacher in INDONESIA?Possible?HELP:(

Unread postby ficekewa » 28 Aug 2011, 16:48

Hello to all of you, nice fellow teachers!

I'm desperate to get a job in Indonesia, Jakarta. Any kind of job that would enable me to support myself. I have MA in Translations and BA in teaching ESL, I'm planning to do CELTA, but... I'm POLISH! Can anyone out there please tell me if I'm doomed already or if there still is a ray of hope for me?

I've read so many articles, but there is no definite answer. I'm fluent in English, have 3 years experience in teaching. Please help me!

Thanks in advance for any comments!


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Re: Non-native ESL Teacher in INDONESIA?Possible?HELP:(

Unread postby Alex Case » 29 Aug 2011, 00:42

I know nothing about this, but my first question was whether it was even possible for you to get a degree, and I quickly found this quote (Google this text if you want to find the source):

"Indonesian’s Immigration Authority will only issue teaching visas to nationals of the UK, Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand—as it has deemed these to be English speaking countries. Employers in Indonesia are restricted by these laws and are by no means discriminating against nationals of other countries."

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