The best stories in TEFL

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The best stories in TEFL

Unread postby roywill » 23 Jun 2011, 14:32


I wonder if anyone is willing to help me. I am looking for some of the funniest stories in TEFL. As TEFLers we wonder off to pretty much every corner of the planet finding paradise and trouble in equal measures. I am looking at the idea of putting together a collection of true stories of some of the most funniest, embarrassing, tender and terrifying situations TEFLers have come across. The idea is to offer it to new TEFL teachers (no cost) to be able to give them a real perspective of life as a TEFL teacher - the good the bad and the ugly!!! So they can come out to wherever it is they are heading with open eyes!!

If anybody is willing to take the time to write of their experiences or to tell the story of someone they know I would be really greatfull


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