please help with my CELTA application

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please help with my CELTA application

Unread postby teachme » 26 Apr 2011, 11:56


I'm new here, and glad to have found such a great resource

Currently, I'm having some issues with the pre-task for my CELTA application. For the most part, i have no issues but I'm stuck with two of the questions

Normally i wouldn't ask, but i believe them to pertain to areas for which the courses are designed (teaching HOW to teach, rather than rules of language)

The questions are regarding 'teaching meaning' and how i would convey (without translation or dictionary definition), the following

1) reliable

2) 'managed' to do (as in "she managed to pass the exam")

As i said, i would have thought techniques such as this are part of the course (i might be wrong), and I'm happy with all other aspects of my application form....Just this

I really am not asking for you to take the whole test for me, but would appreciate some thoughts on this even if you just point me in the right direcion

many thanks


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Re: please help with my CELTA application

Unread postby NMonks » 25 May 2011, 04:24

1) Reliable

I would give them a simple definition by writing on the board


then give characteristics of a reliable person or thing underneath

on time does not break down
you can trust them will always switch on
etc etc

I'm sure you can come up with better characteristics but I only have a couple of minutes between my classes to help you.

Now you should ask the students CCQ's (concept check questions). These check that the students understand, and should be simple one word answers, for example:

My friend was late for dinner, is he reliable (Yes/No)
My phone has stopped working, is it reliable (Yes/No)

You should have at least one yes and one no for each.

2) Managed

If you are teaching the word manage we can presume they are an intermediate level so you should be able to give them a synonym, for example 'was able to'. The give one or two examples: He managed to climb the mountain - he was able to climb the mountain. Make up one more.

Now give them one or two sentences and ask the Ss to change them to use the word manage. For example - my friend swam across the swimming pool. The Ss then should try and change this too 'my friend managed to swim across the pool'.

You may also want to use some CCQ's as describe for 1).

I hope this helps, good luck with your course.

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