how good must be your english?

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how good must be your english?

Unread postby ronny » 24 Sep 2010, 13:35

hello all!

my name is ronny im german, the last 2 years i lived in year i want go to bangkok and do a tefl course there over 6 weeks,after this i want to try to get a job there..
my problem not sure if my english is ok for good must be your english if you want do this?
i just bought alot of english workbooks..and every day after work i learn 3 -4 hours..but i im not sure about this...what you think?is it possible to make all this and to get a job later?

thanks ronny

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Re: how good must be your english?

Unread postby systematic » 25 Sep 2010, 21:09

Hi, there are a lot of Germans teaching English here. With plenty of practice it's not too hard for Germans to acquire a near accent-free pronunciation, which is what you will need. Compare recordings of your own voice speaking English with recordings of the same text spoken by a native English speaker and see how close you are. If you have an Abitur or a degree in English, it's just possible that your grammar may be even better than that of an average native speaker. For teaching in mainstream schools from grades & to 12 your vocabulary will probably already be more than adequate.

If you really want to self test yourself, get some of the books and practice tests for IELTS (British English) and /or TOEFL (American English).

Be very careful how you choose the course provider in Thailand.

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