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Unread postby Madteacher » 06 Sep 2010, 20:09

I wonder if you would mind looking at my question and giving me some advice.

I am writing an essay based around the ARC descriptive tool (scrivener). I have been given this situation and asked why the class is not a logical / cohesive progression.

a- Students, in groups, discuss pros and cons of cloning A
b- Students read an authentic text on cloned animals A
c- Students hold a debate on the possible advantages of genetically engineered food A
d- Gap-fill exercise with expressions used to highlight pros and cons of things R

I have begun by answering that there is no clarification or focus to the lesson and have gone on to say that I would change the class to a text-based approach. However, before deciding on how I would go about teaching this class and changing the structure and method, I'm a little unsure of exactly what could be the teacher's objective of the class. would it be vocab or is the target language getting the students to speak about advantages and disadvantages of topics. How do you see the objective of what the teacher is trying to teach? Some advice would be much appreciated! thanks!

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