Role play textbook?

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Role play textbook?

Unread postby amunt » 22 Dec 2008, 12:57

Can anyone suggest a role play/ situational based textbook for intermediate + adults.
I'm looking for something that:
Is split into situations- e.g at the doctor's
Gives a list of language required
Gives a role-play or situaional task

Be very grateful for any suggestions

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Re: Role play textbook?

Unread postby Christabel » 18 Jan 2009, 18:39

The English for Life textbooks contain scripts which can be listened to and then read by the learners. They come in various levels from beginners up to Intermediate and are particularly great for practising tone and intonation. The workbooks (which accompany the series) have writing activities which the learners can complete before role-playing in pairs or as a group. Alternatively, try looking online for scripts which can be used alongside the topic you are covering (eg. ordering food in a restaurant, complaining about a hotel, etc...) and allow the learners to take it in turns playing different parts.

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