Vocabulary at CAE level and beyond

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Vocabulary at CAE level and beyond

Unread postby Kean » 30 Sep 2008, 08:25

I teach in Italy, lots of one to one, lots of groups.
My question: in an advance level class, what options would you consider for helping students understand the meanings and different nuances of meaning for the following word set, taken from "Advanced Matters" student book?

Musty, sour, fragrant, booming, pungent, fluffy, stirring, cuddly, fuzzy, rancid, mouldy, squeaky, drab.

The students' book gets ss to group by senses & think of examples. Ok as far as it goes, but the first challenge they have is to understand the meanings of the words.

In particular, I'm interested in different ideas for dictionary use (Eng-Eng or Eng-Italian at advanced level??) in the group classroom and with one to one students.
I don't feel I get students using dictionaries enough in the class & feel that I'm relying too much on my knowledge of Italian and/or ability to clarify meaning in English, but I feel that at this level I'm not helping them sufficiently to understand difficult vocabulary.
And more generally at CAE Advanced level, I find it a real challenge helping students with, for example, multiple choice cloze, words in context in readings etc and how much classroom time to dedicate to new words in readings. In other words, what are the best ways to really help student meet the vocabulary challenge at Advanced level and beyond?

Ta in advance

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Re: Vocabulary at CAE level and beyond

Unread postby niel » 01 Oct 2008, 22:12

Hi Kean, sorry to be so cheaky as I can't really answer your questions but was hoping for some help regarding guess what? yes that's it another post about CELTA and teaching in Italy!! ha sorry.

I was wondering can you give me some kind advice and help towards how and where, in the obvious maze of routes, I go about finding a reliable, supportive and rated initial employer. I will be a newly qualified CELTA teacher with plans to be over a.s.a.p. What are the basics to make it work? Celta is the right qualification to have right?

All advice very very well recieved,

thankyou and it's great to see and hear one positive post on here.


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