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Help needed

Unread postby Irfan Farouqi » 31 Aug 2008, 16:08

How would you teach the difference in he stress patterns between the noun and verb forms of convict, record, rebel, produce, and similar other words.
I need to have a lesson plan for that.
This is my first semister of Diploma in TEFL.
Kindly guide me and also tell some good sites from where i can get some details of sociolinguistics.

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Re: Help needed

Unread postby eclare » 09 Sep 2008, 05:10


In response to your question, I think this is quite a difficult thing to do and would depend upon the students that you have, whether they are adult learners, advanced learners, beginners etc. Until the word is seen in context it could be either verb or noun, this will determine the pronounciation. By exposure to, use of and modelling of the language you can teach not only how to use it correctly in context but also which pronounciation should be used in that context.

There are some great books on sociolinguistics available, just google it for a starting point or go to your local library or uni library for help. Alternatively, phone some of the uni's or language schools to find out what texts they use or recommend.


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