airfare reimbursement

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airfare reimbursement

Unread postby zephyr1957 » 16 Jun 2008, 17:54

Hi all,

Though I have worked in China and negotiating now to go back I never had airfare reimbursement else then a flat fee. They paid me a fixed amount regardless of my cost, and never saw any receipt or ticket. Not dumb blind, they knew through my passport that I flew over.

My question is : How to handle the situation with an e-ticket without receipt or red stamp ( supposedly required in China) to get your reimbursement. Would it not be better to insist on a flat fee?



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Re: airfare reimbursement

Unread postby systematic » 18 Jun 2008, 08:25

This reply applies to any to country where you might work as a teacher:
You are fortunate to have found a job that offers you an airfare, in whatever form, whether a flat rate or based on the actual ticket price. Before accepting a job that promises airfare reimbursement, you should look closely at your employment contract to see under just what terms this is done.

Standard paper air tickets are being phased out this year by all major international carriers. Whatever purchase method you used to obtain your e-ticket, you will either have a sales receipt of some kind or a credit card statement. Some schools will not entertain a refund without it.

See how one school in Asia manages its
airfare refund

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Re: airfare reimbursement

Unread postby JamesAndrew48 » 30 Jul 2008, 08:52

Travelling is always a necessity for people to relax and get away from work for a while. It is also a necessity during holidays and vacation time to visit relatives and your hometown. Knowing how to get dirt cheap airfare tickets will give you more advantage and savings on your travel.

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