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Unread postby margyf » 13 Mar 2008, 10:02


I was wondering if anyone knew of any great websites and books that new tefl teachers could use for lesson plans, game ideas, and grammar.

Im looking at teaching a mixture of groups and one-to-one so any books that can show the various.

Any ideas that any of u might have please feel free to comment as the prospect of going out there in a real life teaching situation is daunting so any kind help would be appreciated.

Peace to all


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Unread postby jasminade » 14 Mar 2008, 04:16

Hello Margy

For a new teacher just remember to focus on the lesson objective and make sure you do not become daunted on the material that is out there. There is so much! For a time I had a great archive but I have deleted this from my memory key since most of it was downloaded/from sites anyway. Like the clothes in your wardrobe, you know there is a time to send them to the charity shop!!!

Keeping to the minimal is the one. Of course, have some "fillers" in the case of an excellent class where everything runs smoothly and rapidly. This is what the games and activities are for!

A good site for the sharing of documents and books is Rapidshare. It doesn't cost much and although most of the materials are not the latest editions, they do have introductions and/or Teacher's books, so it will be helpful.

Of course, use sites like this. I have found through years of experience that TEFL teachers, like most teachers, only like to help and share their wisdom and experiences. As you can see from the Ask Lucy folder, I am still learning.

Good luck!

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