My first EFL teaching job!

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My first EFL teaching job!

Unread postby Marvin » 30 Oct 2007, 00:36

Hello all! I've just stumbled upon this site whilst doing some late night browsing, owed mainly to the fact that I cant sleep because I leave for Madrid on Thursday to start my first TEFL job (yay!.) I've been looking forward to this for so long, and im excited it's finally come around, but I have to admit I'm VERY scared/anxious about what to expect. I have been volunteering at a local primary school, and have just finished my online TEFL degree along with my BA Hons but, nothing can replicate what it must be like to just turn up in a foreign school teach.

Basically, I was wondering if ANYONE could offer me any sound advice on how to prepare and what to take, and generally make the most of my time!


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first teaching job

Unread postby Susan » 30 Oct 2007, 10:15

Hi Marvin,

We have a tefl helpdesk where Lucy has answered questions similar to yours.

YOu could look at these links.


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