Travelling and teaching - what laptop?

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Travelling and teaching - what laptop?

Unread postby sfx » 24 Sep 2007, 02:32


I'm going to set off on my teaching and travelling career in Janurary, and if anyone has any advice on a lightweight small and portable laptop I'd love to hear it, the smaller/lighter/more robust the better as I'll be lugging round dive gear aswell! (and I know some compromise to meet those specs with no CD drive, but I reckon I'll need one for acessing teaching materials and the like).

The budget is definately under a grand, the more change left over the better!


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Unread postby Chopvac » 19 Oct 2007, 19:27

Not to plug specific companies, but last week I saw newsvertising for ASUS on their new "Eee PC" which sells for US$200-300. It's a handheld subnotebook (1 kg or 2 pound) laptop. It won't have much internal hardware, but it is USB capable and has a decent sized screen (800x480).

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