choosing the appropriate books

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choosing the appropriate books

Unread postby moguido78 » 03 Sep 2007, 09:53

Hi everybody,

Could anyone give me any advice? I'm trying to choose good books for different levels, from 3 year-old students to 12 year-old students. I've been having a look at the pearson longman catalogue but I´m not sure if the two new books for preschool students will be any good. I used English Adventure B with my 4 year-old students last year but I didn't like it very much in the end. Any ideas?



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Unread postby ale_blogger » 03 Sep 2007, 14:57

Hi, Monica.

There's a wide variety of books where to choose from but you have to be very careful before choosing one. It must be you who decides what to teach your students. Don't let the publishing companies decide for you. I don't like English Adventure either, by the way.

On the link below you can read a short article about it: ... classroom/

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Unread postby Glenski » 04 Sep 2007, 04:45

Where do you teach? Conversation school? Mainstream school? International school? Your needs may be different depending on what type of institute you work in.

Longman is just one publisher of ELT books. Have a look at the many others out there (Oxford, Cambridge, Thomson, just to name a few). Ask for sample copies and thumb through them. You can't really get a good feeling for books just by looking at the blurbs in the catalogs.

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Unread postby eflclassroom » 05 Sep 2007, 14:14

For that age range, Let's Go seems to get a lot of good reviews, thumbs up....

But I will caution too, a book does not a course or teacher make! Good luck.


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Re: choosing the appropriate books

Unread postby jessemarks » 31 Mar 2016, 09:45

Its great!! Thanks for the post.

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Re: choosing the appropriate books

Unread postby Lola212 » 24 Apr 2016, 18:15

Find a book series that you are interested in too. Some are harder than others to relate to. Lots of luck and thanks for teaching.

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