TEFL in S.Korea / Japan / China, any advice?

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TEFL in S.Korea / Japan / China, any advice?

Unread postby Mossy17 » 12 Apr 2007, 01:22

Hi there,

I am considering going to do tefl in S.Korea/Japan/China for 6-9 months, basically I am travelling around the world and will be leaving Australia in September pretty broke so unfortunately one of my main motivations for doing it is money so that I can continue my travels and I was just looking for some advice. I have a degree in Marketing and I did an online tefl certificate with i-to-I and I just have a few queries:

Is it difficult to get a job in S.Korea /Japan / China?
Does anyone know any good areas in either country to go teach in?
What pay should I expect?
Could I survive with none or very little basic understanding of the local language?
I am travelling with a mate, do you think someone would hire both of us?
Should I organise it before I arrive in the country or just turn up and see what happens?
Does anyone have any good contacts?
Will I have to take a year contract and break it if I want to leave?

I really am quite clueless about it so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


just looking for some advice!

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Unread postby Hubert » 12 Apr 2007, 05:09


It is relatively easy to get work as an ESL/EFL Teacher in all 3 of the countries you have mentioned even if you don't have a TESOL certificate. However, there are a few tips I have for you.

Firstly, be very careful about taking the first job you get offered in South Korea (if indeed you do). The reason is that the country is rapidly gaining a reputation as being one where teachers of English get exploited. I have also heard some horror stories from people who have gained work as teachers of English in state run institutions that are in China.


I would, if I was in your position, try getting work with one of the language school chains. In some countries these chains have 2 or 3 or more schools that are looking for teachers. I would also try getting the work before you leave, as you would require a work visa. Most contracts, by the way, are year long ones.

Just one last thing,

I know a fellow who goes every year to teach English in South Korea. Would you like either me to get him to contact you or his contact details?


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