maximum stay time in european union

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maximum stay time in european union

Unread postby niksinif » 07 Mar 2007, 20:49

Hi. I'm looking for a job that will give me the maximum time in the European Union. Are TEFL jobs usually temporary, short term, or do they have long term ones as well? I'd like something for five years or so.

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Unread postby keith » 13 Mar 2007, 12:23

Long term TEFL contracts do exist, but they are quite rare until you have proved yourself to a school!

The most common length of cntract is for one year. These are usually renewable if both parties agree - it is normally at this point, if you have impressed the school and they see you as an asset who they would like to keep longer term, that you can push for a longer continuation of the contract.

Hope this helps.


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