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Unread postby deborah » 17 Feb 2007, 19:52

I am a linguistics student conducting a research project into TEFL and would like to know why Suggestopedia is not more widely used, when it is seemingly effective and fun?

To refresh your memories: Suggestopedia is a teaching method developed in the 1970's by Dr. Losanov in Hungary. It requires learning to be fun and easy; Students to be alert, awake, relaxed and happy; Classroom surroundings to be comfortable and teachers to have good knowledge of their students.

Classical music is played whilst students listen to texts in the chosen language. Songs and games are an integral part of teaching. There is no homework nor pressure to speak until ready.

The creator is very specific with the requirements and he requests them to be followed precisely after correct training in order to achieve best results.

I would like EFL/ESL teachers to respond with their views on Suggestopedia as a teaching method.

How similar is it to your own teaching style?

Do you use this style? if not, why not?

How would your students react to this method?

If anyone uses, or knows someone who uses, Suggestopedia, please let me know! I would love to find anyone willing to be interviewed (ideally in York area or even if only by email)

Please post a reply or email me personally.

Thankyou in anticipation,


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Re: Suggestopedia

Unread postby Vilirock » 02 Apr 2008, 18:10

Hi, Deborah

I want to tell you, that suggestopedia is a teaching method developed in the 1966 by Prof. Georgi Lozanov in Bulgaria.
I want to put this method into my practice.

Good Luck,

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Re: Suggestopedia

Unread postby Robraz » 05 Apr 2008, 21:14

Good Luck with your investigation, Deborah. I joined the forum today and was immediately drawn to your post. Sadly, though a Yorkie myself, I am no longer living in UK.

There are, I suppose, many aspects akin to those proposed in Suggestopedia, accelerated learning etc. in my own approach to teaching English as a Foreign Language.

For me, the enrichment of an affective environment in any teaching, but particularly language, is tantamount to providing almost all students with the most meaningful and effective means by which they can internalise their learning.

I employ a great deal of visual, aural and tactile stimuli in the meterials I prepare - something students have now begun saying when they are recalling previous learning is "remember when we played that.... " and so on.

So, once again... good luck.

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