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new to this and need advice

Unread postby jlekfocus » 19 Aug 2006, 01:32

I am a non-native Speaker. I am Singapore Chinese.
Got my education(Masters in Science) in the States and am working and living in Canada now. Been living in North America over 20 years.

I am thinking about taking TEFL certificate course and wondering what are my chances of getting placed as a TEFL teacher? I am interested to teach in S Korea, China, Taiwan.

Any one in my predicament?


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Unread postby amm65 » 06 Sep 2006, 09:38

Generally, you must be a native speaker in theory to teach in S. Korea. But, immigration will (or has been) grant(ing) E-2 visas to non-native speakers with both of the following two criteria:
1) The teacher has a passport from one of the following 7 countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, The U.K., The U.S.A.
2) The teacher has a degree from one of the above countries.

You mentioned that you
Got my education(Masters in Science) in the States

So, if you send your degree from the U.S. and if you have a Canadian passport, you can obtain an E-2 visa to teach in S. Korea.
I'm not sure about China or Taiwan, but I've heard that you can teach in Taiwan without a degree...
Good luck with your future plans!

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