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Using TEFL and an IT diploma

Posted: 01 Jul 2018, 05:19
by Sam1995BR
Hey everyone,

I was just trying to solve an issue I have. I am nearing the end of an IT course and will be obtaining a diploma. However, I also wanted to obtain a TEFL diploma to enable me to teach abroad. Would I be able to qualify only having an IT diploma and TEFL diploma to teach abroad? I have read many posts which state you need a TEFL diploma and the equivalent of a bachelors degree ?

Can anyone help ?

Many thanks 😁

Re: Using TEFL and an IT diploma

Posted: 04 Sep 2018, 09:18
by Joe
A TEFL diploma (or indeed a TEFL certificate) is often enough for many employers from their point of view.

However, it is true that a bachelor's (in almost any subject) is often required by the respective government before a visa/work permit can be issued. This is not (yet) universal and at least initially you need to research for the countries that interest you, looking more at the work permit end of things rather than employers' academic requirements.

Re: Using TEFL and an IT diploma

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 10:54
by jw34
Sam - my experience is that a degree is not required. However; in my case I have been able to point to a long professional career (in IT) and I think that helps. I would therefore emphasise any professional experience you have when you make applications. But, basically, Joe is correct many employers do not require a degree.