Looking for 50K (hold PhD), prefer USA

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Looking for 50K (hold PhD), prefer USA

Unread post by another » 21 Jan 2017, 03:27

Seeking advice for career development.

My current position is:
- teaching ESL 50%
- DSO 40% (designated school official)
- New student interviews and
some program (Toefl class) coordination 10%

I earn 42K annually and would like:
- see an upward tick in income
- inc. health insurance
- reduce my DSO role (use my mind more)
- continue teaching - open to additional
support tasks (quantitative analysis?)
- optional: reasonable cost of living or less snow

My profile:
- 10 years advanced and intermediate ESL
- to mostly adults
- Ph.D. in Education Policy
- 1 publication (Education Policy)
- Skilled in quantitative analysis (SAS, SPSS)
- Peer Reviewer for multiple journals
- 2 articles in progress (not published)
- no teacher certification

Are my career goals reasonable?

Where should I look (region, institution type)?

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Re: Looking for 50K (hold PhD), prefer USA

Unread post by Lucy » 22 Jan 2017, 14:24

Have you looked at British/American schools and universities abroad? TEFL is notoriously badly paid. In the past Japan, Korea and some of the gulf states paid very well. I think even those countries have been hit by the economic crisis.

I'm not sure how much you aim to earn. Is it above 42K Eur? GBP? USD?
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Re: Looking for 50K (hold PhD), prefer USA

Unread post by tecmaestro » 25 Jan 2018, 08:04



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