Best Start Up country for Non-Natives(Latest Info)

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Best Start Up country for Non-Natives(Latest Info)

Unread post by durrendal » 01 Nov 2015, 18:12

Hello there!
I know there is already a thread on this topic but the information seems too old to be of much use.

I am a freshman in a University in India, majoring in English Literature. After graduation, I want to teach abroad. I have been schooled and immersed in English my whole life and I do have extreme fluency. However even if it is Native-level, I am not part of a "Native-English speaking country". So, my question is, which country am I most likely to land a job in without having to go to give an interview personally? I mean I have to use Skype. I just am not made of that kind of money to go globe-trotting and job hunting at same time.

As for TESOL/TEFFL/CELTA, I do plan on getting them. Probably. It wouldn't hurt if someone told me of countries where I might not need those certificates .

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Best Start Up country for Non-Natives(Latest Info)

Unread post by Briona » 02 Nov 2015, 10:02

Hi there,

Visas aside, the biggest problem for Indian citizens looking to teach abroad is accent. Not having heard yours, I can't comment suffice to say the stronger your accent is, the less likely your chances.

In terms of location, Europe is as good as off the table - Western Europe because EU hiring laws make it almost impossible to hire non-EU citizens, and Eastern Europe because salaries are so low as to be unliveable. You should be able to find work in parts of Asia or South America. However, for the latter, work tends not to be found from abroad; you really need to be on the ground handing out CVs at the appropriate time.

As much as people might not like to hear it, the easiest country for a non-native English-speaker (or someone classed as such) to find work in is their own. Having a year or so's experience behind you will make you much more attractive to overseas employers, assuming that you also have a recognised TEFL qualification - an English Lit degree will probably not be enough for most employers. You would need to research your preferred country to find out what sort of TEFL qualification they require.

Hope that helps,

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