Help with location!

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Help with location!

Unread post by Shazza » 17 Feb 2015, 11:19

I'm a 40+ year old female teacher working in Spain. Where can I teach from September to earn good money, have a good lifestyle, watch n play sports and have a great social life....suggestions please.....

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Re: Help with location!

Unread post by Briona » 17 Feb 2015, 21:19

Hi there,

You haven't really given anyone enough information to go on. Your age is only relevant if you are under 25 or over 55, and even then, it depends on the country. Your nationality, qualifications and experience are more important.

You mention wanting to earn 'good money' and have 'a good lifestyle', but good is subjective. So what do you mean by good?

If you can provide more information, we can make appropriate suggestions.

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