Looking for feedback on my CV.

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Looking for feedback on my CV.

Unread postby TommyJ » 08 Oct 2013, 02:08

Not sure if this is the right forum to put this up, not sure to be honest.
I want to put my CV up in hope to get some critical feedback. not looking for feedback on grammar necessarily, just feed back on the content its self aswell as the structure and layout. Is there information I could maybe put else where for example.
your welcome to edit parts of it if you want, I would be very gratefull, but I wouldn't expect anyone to go out of their way to that.
Anyway here it is (note that ive left out any personal info such as my name and address) :
Name and Address







BA graduate, currently tutoring English language students. Focused primarily on the students’ needs, while implementing lesson plans and teaching ideas. Studied Geography and Study of Religions in my degree. I have strong communication and presentation skills due to me Customer service background as well as my experience conducting face to face surveys for college reports.


B.A. Geography and Study of Religions 2012

Final Grade: Second Class Honours, Grade 1.

Gained skills in conducting face to face questionnaire surveys and interviews, for college reports. Gained time management and project management skills.

TV and Film production 2007

Final Grade: FETAC Level 5.

Much of the assessment was practical.

Involved a lot of project management and preparation skills.

Communication skills were also required when working with film crew.

RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________________

ENGLISH LANGUAGE TUTOR September 2013 to present

Tutoring between 1 to 2 student per session. Focused primarily on the students needs.Helped students on speaking and listening abilities, as well as their grammar and vocabulary. The use of lesson plans and games were also implemented.

ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE_____________________________________________________

SHOP ASSISTANT January to August 2013

My role entailed helping and dealing with customers, as well as the removal of stock from the premise, in preparation for the business to go into new ownership. Cleaning up of the premise, and stocktaking were also involved.


Worked within a busy, fast paced environment in which required me to maintain a high level of customer service. Communication with team members was also required. Working in such an environment has allowed me to develop strong communication and presentation skills. The job also entailed me working on my own initiative, multitasking, as well as cleaning and maintaining the premises.


My primary duties for this role were washing up and assisting chefs in a busy and fast paced environment. General maintenance of the premise was also required of me.

SKILLS AND INTERESTS_________________________________________________________________

Proficient with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Currently doing a European Computer Driving Licence course.

I have a strong interest in traveling and other cultures.

I am an avid swimmer. I do 3 to 4 swimming sessions a week.

I have a strong interest in the arts, particularly cinema and music.

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Re: Looking for feedback on my CV.

Unread postby TommyJ » 13 Oct 2013, 21:00

Forget that I asked to edit my CV! That too much to ask. I only asked cause I saw other CV's being edited on this site.
I would love any critical feedback though. Would be extremely helpful! :D
Im also considering changing my CV to a functional CV on the basis that I only have a small bit of TEFL experience doing one to one experience. What do you think?

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