Does Celta guarantee you a job? (within reason)

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Does Celta guarantee you a job? (within reason)

Unread postby ssissi » 14 Jul 2013, 04:41

I know the answer to the question is no. I guess that makes this thread pretty pointless :? .

I guess guarantee is the wrong word. I'm looking at doing CELTA early next year and have no degree or teaching experience atm. If I am totally flexible with location and other conditions will I find work?

I'm hoping to work in Southern Spain. Again this isn't a requirement. It's desirable, so would obv consider other locations and countries.

Wow.. Thread seems more and more pointless. Hope you guys understand what I mean and can help. If not, sorry for wasting your time.

Alex Case
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Re: Does Celta guarantee you a job? (within reason)

Unread postby Alex Case » 14 Jul 2013, 22:44

If you really really are willing to be flexible with location, then certainly with a CELTA and no degree you can get a job somewhere. However long you teach, though, not having a degree will regularly turn out to be a pain...

Ziad Dajani
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Re: Does Celta guarantee you a job? (within reason)

Unread postby Ziad Dajani » 18 Sep 2013, 12:55

Although you'll be fine in many places worth knowing that in some countries like Turkey you'll need a degree in order to get a work permit.
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