Other Experience - monetary value?

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Other Experience - monetary value?

Unread postby matthewortiz » 15 Apr 2013, 19:37


I am in my early 30's and re-evaluated what I want out of life. I have quite a bit of work experience but it is not related to teaching. Let me summarize:

B.A. Anthropology U.Texas at Austin

Just finished 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course from tesolexpressonline.com

I am an Army Reserve Officer
I have 5 years as an investment advisor plus 1 year of international banking.
Plus 1 year working for the IRS.

I assume that my experience could be helpful teaching professionals but I am not sure if it will help me to qualify for higher than what seems to be average starting salary around US$1,600. Of course I would prefer at least $2,000 take-home pay.

Has anyone seen a monetary value trend of non-education professional experience?

Also, I am looking at Korea, since I am in the Army Reserve we have units there I could drill with. This ads a concern though of having to cancel a contract should I need to spend some time in Afghanistan. Does anyone know the penalty for breaking a contract and if military duty affects it?

Also, finding a job in the US has been hard for reservists. Most of us are unemployed or underemployed. I assume because companies like us leaving for a year or so at a time. Does anyone know if being a reservist would make it harder to be accepted for a teaching position in Korea?


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