A young prospective with a few Qs

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A young prospective with a few Qs

Unread postby jackpell » 06 Apr 2013, 21:17

What are the odds of getting a job with only a TEFL certificate (no teaching degree, university, etc.)? I am more than willing to go to any country as long as I can make enough money to make ends meet in that country. I know that some employers can be quite particular as well. I am from Canada, 21 years old and I look even younger (I heard that some places take physical appearance into account).

Also, are there any other qualities/skills that employers abroad look for?


PS. The closest relating experience I have is helping a few Quebecois with their English for 6 months and staying in Quebec for 3 of those months. Not sure if this makes any difference lol

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Re: A young prospective with a few Qs

Unread postby bookwom » 10 May 2013, 14:51

I'm wondering the same thing. I'm also wondering how big a deal it is if my certification is from an online school, and which countries will hire people with online certs, and what kind of job I can expect to get. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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