HELP! non-native EFL teachers?

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HELP! non-native EFL teachers?

Unread postby ildike » 10 Aug 2005, 20:51

Hello everyone!

I hope somebody more experienced can give me some advice.

I am a Hungarian national in England, Brighton. In Hungary I've graduated at a uni as an EFL teacher.

Is it true that, although I have a proper degree, which could be acquired in 5 years, I can only teach here or any other countries if I have an internationally recognised qualification (like CELTA)? In other words, can I use my uni degree for anything here or any other parts of the world? Also if I do the CELTA, what chances do I have as a non-native speaker to find a TEFL job? I am considering staying for some more years abroad before I go back to Hungary so I have to know if I have any chances to work in EFL teaching or I have to find something else. Does anybody know about the situation in Greece? Is it possible for non-native speakers to teach there?

I would be grateful if u could help me with some info. Thanks a lot.


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Unread postby Julia » 17 Nov 2005, 11:59

Hi you two, and everybody! I would suggest you just have a look at the job offers posted on several tefl sites such as It states there exactly what they look for and that ranges from CELTA qualified natives to people who simply have a degree in nothing relevant to ESL, but an obvious close connection to an English speaking country. As for me (not an English native), I have found a job as an English teacher in Beijing having a degree in Communication and Film Studies and a 3 month teaching experience, which is not much at all. I'm sure you'll be fine finding a job in Thailand. About Greece I have no idea, sorry. ANyway, GOOD LUCK!!

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helo dear teachers..

Unread postby marvi » 21 Feb 2006, 03:47

Good day to you everyone!..

I am a filipina teacher and has been teaching english subjects for ten years in our community.The same querries have struck me almost a year now since im planning to try my luck teaching abroad.

My sister who is working in DUBAI is enviting me and asking me to have this CELTA or TOEFL certifictate if ever I will pursue my carreer in teaching. CELTA and TOEFL certificates are big plus to teachers who are non-native speakers , like me. I wish you both a big success in your profession that you may find your luck..Happy seeking..


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Unread postby Frauke » 03 Apr 2006, 16:56


I am German, therefore non-native, although I have a TEFL certitificate which I did in June/July last year in Barcelona.

I live in Barcelona since October 2005 and have found a job almost immediately without being a native speaker. Neither have I university degree. I could provide 15 years of imports/exports experience though.

I never applied with the big schools such as International House, Berlitz, Inlingua etc as I am pretty sure they will not employ me. Although everybody says I speak like a native it is just against their company's policy. But I am happy working for small schools anyway.

Sorry, no experience with Greece employment but would be eager to learn about it myself.

Good luck for you! Frauke

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